Water Fast


So, I’m thinking about starting a water fast tomorrow. I’m not sure about how long it will be but I really need to lose weight. I’m going to Kings Dominion Theme Park on my birthday on July 19th. I really wanna look better in my shorts that I may or may not wear there. Just to look better in them and in general. I’m gonna do updates every night on how I feel and how the day went. It’d be cool to have a fasting buddy too if anyone’s interested.

Need to lose weight.

Ever since I was about 6 I was big, before 6 I was really boney, my mom and dad had a problem, things happened, he was away, and my mom let me eat whatever I wanted. It makes me angry how a mother could let their child keep getting bigger and bigger all these years and not do anything about it when they know that it would be a strain on their child. When I was younger I had no friends, I was always made fun of by other kids, and I figured a parent wouldn’t want their child to go through that. When I’m a parent I won’t let my child go through that. I use to cry at night because kids would call me fat, ugly, and I know this isn’t something to cry over now but in 5th grade you would, a guy told me I was bigger than a tree and he was my first real crush, so you can tell that it kind of made me feel bad about myself. I had other crushes before that, but they didn’t mean anything to me because I was young. Letting your child be obese and not doing anything about it is not sending a good message. To this day my mom still doesn’t care about it. I’m on here to get tips on weightloss. I’m tired of having to shop in the adult section, not being able to wear really cute clothes because those are never in my size, and not getting to shop wherever I want. I want to do those things too! I’m really starting to feel ugly, girls my age have had tons of boyfriends or guy friends, and have tons of friends. But me? I have no friends and the boyfriend I had treated me like a friend. He didn’t care when we broke up and it was just a pathetic relationship. It wasn’t even real in my eyes. I want to at least have friends.
I feel if I had friends and all that jazz, I would be a happier person. Especially if I could shop wherever I want. I just don’t feel pretty anymore.
If anyone has kik and has tips, can you kik me them @its.dejavu. ? Thanks

Delicious Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!

So, I was looking around my pantry for some ingredients because I had a sweet tooth and needed a fix, so I added these ingredients and made some cookies that are pretty good.

1 1/2 Cups of flour
2 Cups of oats
2 Tbs Cocoa powder
1 Cup of sugar
1 Cup of brown sugar
2 Eggs
4 Teaspoons of vanilla extract
1 Pinch of salt
1 Cup of chocolate chips
1/2 tsp of cinnamon
1 Cup of vegetable oil or a Stick of butter

Just a made up recipe.
Just mix everything together until you form a good dough, it you need more moisture add more vegetable oil or vanilla. Then pat them into the size of a cookie and bake for 8 minutes on 350 or until you feel they are done!


My Blog


Hi, My name is Bryanna, and this blog is gonna be about my high school life. I’m at the end of the 8th grade and I have 21 days left until I’m a Freshman! I have goals for high school that I really want to achieve. My goals are to be more outgoing and befriend a lot of people, not hold in my emotions and say what’s on my mind, have good grades, be well liked by everyone even though everyone’s not gonna like you, and just do nice things for people. I want to really show people who I am and what I like in high school. In high school I am taking Drama and Art as my electives. I am very excited for high school because I feel like that’s where you’ll meet the best people, and the greatest friends. One part of me is also scared, because what if people don’t like me, or they think I’m weird? I’m just overwhelmed. I’ve finally made it through Elementary School and Middle School. I feel like High School is the best part. I’m in the last years of school. I’m just so happy. If anyone wants to give me any advice on my Freshman year, please comment. I will be posting these diaries more often. If you read them, thank you.